Litho publications


docxHistological alterations after irradiation of cartilage using HoYAG laser.docx

docxOutcomes of 152 temporomandibular joints following arthroscopic anterolateral capsular release by holmium YAG laser or electrocautery.docx

docxSingle-cannula technique for operative arthroscopy using holmiumYAG laser.docx



docxHolmium laser treatment of genital warts an observational study of 1500 cases.docx

docxPotential of different kinds of laser irradiation in treatment of benign and malignant tumors of facial skin.docx

docxSkin graft take and healing following 193-nm excimer continuous-wave carbon dioxide (CO2) pulsed CO2 or pulsed holmium YAG laser ablation of the graft bed.docx



docxLong-term evaluation of arthroscopic discectomy of the temporomandibular joint using the Holmium YAG laser.docx

docxResults of a clinical trial of the holmiumYAG laser in disc decompression utilizing a side-firing fiber a two-year follow-up.docx


General Surgery

docxClinical applications of the holmiumYAG laser in disorders of the paediatric airway.docx

docxEndovenous holmium laser treatment for varicose veins.docx

docxResection of a plantar calcaneal spur using the holmium_yttrium-aluminum-garnet (HoYAG) laser.docx



docxGynecology - Comparative study of different laser systems.docx

docxLaparoscopic treatment of polycystic ovaries with the holmiumYAG laser.docx



docxHolmium- pulmonary 01.docx

docxHolmium- pulmonary 02.docx

docxManagement of obstructing pulmonary broncholithiasis with three-dimensional imaging and holmium laser lithotripsy.docx



docxDusting Effect litterature.docx

pdfFlexible_ ureteroscopy laser lithotripsy metaanalysis.pdf

pdfHumanski Clinical Report.pdf

pdfJournal of Urology 11-2012 - MicroPERC.pdf

pdfJournal of Urology 2012 MicroPERC.pdf

docxLong Pulse Vs Short Pulse.docx

pdfMattioli clinical Rport.pdf

pdfTraxer invitro lithotripsy evaluation.pdf