Benign prostate hyperplasia & ablation


quanta system logoQuanta System, headquartered near Milan, Italy, produces laser systems for some of the world’s leading brands. Quanta’s own brand lasers are extremely well implemented in North America and Italy with awareness growing rapidly in other European markets due to the versatility, technological prowess and quality of the Quanta System products.

CyberTM is the ultimate surgical tool for BPH and beyond…

Vaporisation, vapo-resection or vapo-enucleation, the CyberTM allows the surgeon to move effortlessly from one to the other in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

This flexibility combined with the precision afforded by the continuous wave laser when compared to the pulsed wave of existing technologies makes the CyberTM an extremely powerful surgical tool.

Available with maximum power output of 150W or 200W, the CyberTM can also be used in large number of other applications, including partial nephrectomies, bladder neck incisions, gynaecology, ENT, thoracic and general surgery.

A very low coagulation depth (0.1-0.2 mm) provides improved haemostatic effects and extremely concentrated thermal action. Shallower coagulation may be a key factor in reduced dysuria rates and other post-procedural complications in the treatment of BPH for example, thereby reducing catheterisation time.

The 2-micron laser wavelength of the CyberTM is strongly absorbed by water which is ubiquitous in all tissues, allowing a constant speed of cutting with vaporisation remaining relatively constant regardless of tissue vascularisation. The laser beam penetrates only a fraction of a millimetre in to the tissue providing the surgeon with a high degree of control and substantially reducing the risk of inadvertent injury. The depth of the incision and the cutting speed can be optimised by varying both the power output and the fibre tip distance from the surface of the tissue.


Truly, the ultimate surgical tool for BPH and beyond!